10 Face shields
10 Face shields
10 Face shields

10 Face shields

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- This mask covers eyes, nose and mouth.

- It is very easy to use and very useful, it keeps you protected from unwanted external drops such as saliva or sneezing.

- Transparent design for easy viewing.

- Contains security film on both sides of the mask so that it is removed at the time of use, so that it is completely transparent.

- Colour:
Mask - Transparent
Lens - Clear With Blue Adjusterss)

- Dimensions:
Height 19.5 cmm
Width 25 cmm

¡¡Warning !!
DO NOT clean for any reason with water, glass cleaner, or any other liquid substance.The contact of these substances can damage the product and may lose the quality of the mica.

*** Clean only with isopropyl alcohol damp towels to increase pot life.***